Intergroup Board Meetings

Per the Bylaws change voted on at the September 8, 2019 meeting,  all Central Virginia Intergroup meetings will be held on the first Sunday of the month at 7PM on Zoom.   

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The scheduled meetings for the next year are as follows:

(Click on meeting date for agenda/minutes.)

Sunday Oct 6

Sunday Nov 3

Sunday Dec 1

Sunday Jan 5,  2020

Sunday Feb 2

Sunday Mar 1

Sunday April 5

Sunday May 3

Sunday June 7

Sunday July 5

 We may switch to July 12th if everyone will be away for the 4th weekend.

Sunday Aug 2

 Nominations for IG positions

One or more of these meetings may be face-to-face if possible.  Perhaps in April to hear Susie’s report from the Region 7 Assembly or in May or June after she returns from the World Service Business Convention.  (Of course, we have an opening for another Region 7 rep so please think about that too!)  

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