Sponsorship Day

Q:  When & What is Sponsorship Day?

A:  Celebrated the third weekend of   August, this is a day set aside to  acknowledge the importance of  sponsoring in our OA fellowship.

Sunday, August 16th,  2:30-3:30pm-ET

Let’s all listen & learn as (2) speakers share their experience on Sponsorship—one from the perspective of a Sponsor & the other from the perspective of a Sponsee!

{Zoom by phone:  call 1.646.558.8656}

Zoom Meeting ID:  368-705-321

Password:  Contact Alicia at the number below

Available sponsors will be identified, as well as options to find a sponsor who has what you want!

Questions:  Alicia ~ 804.564.4649 ~ Central VA Intergroup 12th Step Within