Men of OA

Men of OA – You’re not alone!

Are you the only man in your meeting? Do you have trouble freely sharing in meetings of mostly women? The World Service Survey done in 2010 revealed that only about 13% of our fellowship consists of men!
If you want to connect with other men in OA, there are many meetings, by phone and in-person,
with a Special Focus for Men, as well as several other ways you can connect with men in the program.

Are you new to OA? Visit to learn more about this program of recovery and get started today.

Face-to-Face Meetings

There are over 40 face-to-face meetings in several countries around the world with a Special Focus for Men.
To view the most updated list of all meetings with a Special Focus for Men, visit

Phone Meetings

Here are all the phone meetings around the world, with a Special Focus for Men. All times are listed in EST.

Sunday 8:30 AM 563-999-2090 Pin: 316200#Sunday 8:30 PM 712-770-4160 Pin: 409092#Monday 7:00 PM 712-451-1129 Pin: 350025#Tuesday 7:00 PM 712-775-7031 Pin: 242990669#Thursday 7:00 PM 605-475-4850 Pin: 197132#

The online meetings listed below require more steps to access. Visit to learn more.

Wednesday 7:00 PM Contact Name: Ken G Contact Phone: 914-263-6532Thursday 12:30 PM Contact Name: Cleve Contact Phone: +278-3271-4584Friday 7:30 PM Contact Name: Jack Contact Phone: 709-749-8888

★ Some of the meeting listings may have been added, removed, or changed since the printing of this flyer,
visit to view the most updated list of all meetings with a Special Focus for Men.

OA Men Email Groups

Join an email-based discussion group for Men in OA. Read and send group email with other men in OA.

  • To join the Google group, email, including your first name and your last initial.
  • To join the Yahoo group, visit and submit your email address.

OA Men Phone Outreach List

Join the Outreach Phone List to make and receive phone calls with other men in OA, around the world!

  • To join the phone list, join the Google group above and also include your phone number and time zone. is a website to find resources for men in OA. Got something to add? Click “Contact Us”.

Spread the word!

Share this flyer with everyone in OA! Print or photocopy this and share it at your meetings and intergroups.
If you want to modify this flyer to list face-to-face meetings with a Special Focus for Men in your area, visit for instructions and to download the Microsoft Word version.
Please contact us at to let us know how you’re spreading the word and how we can help!