Sponsorship Day

Q:  When & What is Sponsorship Day?

A:  Celebrated the third weekend of   August, this is a day set aside to  acknowledge the importance of  sponsoring in our OA fellowship.

Sunday, August 16th,  2:30-3:30pm-ET

Let’s all listen & learn as (2) speakers share their experience on Sponsorship—one from the perspective of a Sponsor & the other from the perspective of a Sponsee!

{Zoom by phone:  call 1.646.558.8656}

Zoom Meeting ID:  368-705-321

Password:  Contact Alicia at the number below

Available sponsors will be identified, as well as options to find a sponsor who has what you want!

Questions:  Alicia ~ 804.564.4649 ~ Central VA Intergroup 12th Step Within

What is the Central Virginia Intergroup?

How did you find out about our Zoom meetings and workshops?

Curious about where your 7th Tradition ends up?

What is Intergroup?

Central Virginia Intergroup (CVIG) is the organization that supports and helps OA meetings in our area.  We who volunteer are all OA members committed to helping each of us find and sustain recovery from compulsive eating.

We keep you informed and spread OA’s message by posting meeting information on our website (CentralVAoa.org), answering inquiries on our telephone line and to our website, planning and hosting our annual retreat, organizing frequent special events like workshops focusing on different aspects of OA recovery, sending out our monthly newsletter, and providing special OA-related updates via our email list.

We also send a delegate to our regional organization (OA’s Region 7) and OA’s World Service Business Conference. Our Public Information committee gets information about OA out to people who don’t know about us, our secretary takes and circulates the minutes of our monthly intergroup meetings which are posted on our website and published in our newsletter, and our treasurer manages the money donated from OA meetings in the Richmond/Charlottesville/ Fredericksburg area to pay our expenses (web hosting, phone line, retreat center, travel expenses for our delegate, etc.).  We have a Fun & Fellowship committee that organizes social events for our members. We also are available to assist meetings with specific requests or questions.  Meeting representatives can bring concerns and suggestions from their meetings to Intergroup and take information back to their individual groups. 

Visitors to our IG meetings are always welcome.  You don’t have to participate or commit to anything.  For more information please contact Catherine W., Central Virginia Intergroup Chair, at catwry@outlook.com 434-996-6638. The next meetings will be Sundays at 7:00 PM via Zoom on July 5, Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, and Dec 6 .  Please join us!

Use of OA Literature

Because of significant changes in definitions of and decisions about our compulsive eating disease at World Service, our intergroup strongly suggests that members purchase the latest editions of all OA literature, especially The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition and Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition. 

Some groups are still using old literature, and newcomers might be confused if out-of-date editions are promoted or used.  Following Tradition Four (“Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or OA as a whole”), we do not use old literature because it affects OA as a whole to present our program as it used to be rather than as it is today.  For example, OA used to promote one food plan and one food plan only—we do not do that today.  So, please use current literature.

Although the WSO is closed and literature orders may take a bit longer to be processed, electronic versions of most books cost less than physical versions, and they can be easily purchased on oa.org or Amazon.com.  Please purchase only new literature, as the sale benefits World Service; OA gets no money from used literature sales.

Here is a list of current OA books and their prices, available at bookstore.oa.org.  Click the “Shop” button and choose “Books” for physical books and “Digital Products” for e-books. For digital versions not available at oa.org (such as The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition), check with Amazon.

The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition

SKU: 990-2-BK

$15 book

Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition

SKU: 980-BK

$15 book; $20 digital; $20 for 6 CDs

The Twelve-Step Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous

SKU: 992 – WB

$13.50 book; $7.50 digital

Voices of Recovery

SKU: 986-bk

$12 book

Voices of Recovery Workbook

SKU: 996

$12.00 book

Seeking the Spiritual Path: A Collection from Lifeline

SKU: 978-bk

$9.50 book

For Today

SKU: 984-bk

$12 book

For Today Workbook

SKU: 974

$12 book; $7.50 digital

Taste of Lifeline

SKU: 970-bk

$13.50 book

Abstinence, Second Edition

SKU: 994 – Bk

$11 book

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

SKU: 998-bk

$6 book

Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide, Second Edition

SKU: 960-2

$13.50 book; $7.50 digital

Participant Guide to Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide

SKU: 965-BK

$7 book

Here is a complete listing of OA printed literature:


7th Tradition and Zoom

Dear Central Virginia Intergroup members (all those who attend OA meetings in Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and/or Richmond area) —

We, the board and the committee members of CVIG, hope that each member will make it a priority to continue their 7th Tradition donation for each zoom meeting he/she attends.

Many groups have depleted their treasuries to pay their rent in advance and will not have funds to pay their upcoming rent, purchase literature, or make donations to CVIG, Region 7, and World Service. 

Each member, group, IG, Region, and World have the primary purpose to carry the message to the still suffering compulsive overeater.  Without donations, we will not be able to support our primary purpose, nor support CVIG’s ongoing expenses for the good of all our groups.   (ex. website-$200, insurance-$500, zoom-$150, P. O. Box-$50)   Therefore, it is vital that we continue to receive your 7th Tradition contributions.

Here are some suggestions* for members and groups to make their donations:

1. Set aside envelopes for each zoom meeting you attend, marked with the day and time.  Insert a 3×5 card in each envelope, marking that card each time you attend that meeting; keeping track of those donations.  Then each zoom meeting could request a business meeting, and at that time, the treasurer would ask to have your checks sent to him/her.

2. Same as suggestion 1, but instead of a 3×5 card, you could put cash in each envelope each week for every zoom meeting you attend.

3. If you and the treasurer of the meeting both have PayPal, you could make your donations directly to the treasurer.  Those members without PayPal could send their donations to the meeting’s treasurer once a business meeting is held. 

*All suggestions are based on the zoom meetings establishing dates for business meetings; dates to be determined by each groups’ members. 

Please help us keep OA strong & vital…to continue to be there for one another and for the still suffering compulsive overeater who reaches out to us for help.