Meeting Donations

WSO is facing some financial challenges, and they have addressed it by increasing the suggested member donation per meeting from $3 to $5. It is quite possible that many groups did not know that the suggested donation was increased from $2 to $3. So, a suggested $5 donation at each meeting might be daunting to some, particularly those on a fixed income. Remember that this is only a suggested donation. You need to let your higher power guide you as to the correct contribution for you. The priority is for everyone to get the help that they need regardless of financial situation. However, if you can afford the $5 donation, please prayerfully consider it.

New WSO Address

All meeting treasurers should take note of the new World Service Office address. It has a new Post Office box number. All 7th tradition contributions should be mailed to:

World Service Office

P.O. Box 44727

Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4727

As a reminder, individual meetings are responsible for sending contributions to the Central Virginia Intergroup (CVIG), WSO, and Region 7. This is all part of our 7thTradition to be self-supporting; and the intergroup, Region, and WSO provide services that the individual groups cannot in order to spread the message to those who still suffer from eating disorders. The recommended contribution to all these entities is 60% to your local intergroup, 10% to your region, and30% to the WSO. If your group is not contributing to these support bodies, you should bring up the issue at your next business meeting. The WSO is suffering from lack of funding and needs the support of the individual groups.

Just to make sure treasurers have all the information they need for contributions. The Central Virginia Intergroup mailing address is below:

Central Virginia Intergroup

P.O. Box 70611

Henrico, VA 23255-0611

You may make payments to Region 7 here.

World Service News

World Service is the National and International organizational level of OA. The World Service office address many of the services and issues that are important to OA members worldwide. Each month you’ll find a link to the “WSO News Bulletin”. Taking time to look over  and read these updates will reward you with a broader perspective on service possibilities in OA. Recovery depends on unity; World Service promotes and enhances this unity.

Current “WSO News Bulletin”

March 2020

Past Months “WSO News Bulletin

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World Service also publishes its quarterly “A Step Ahead” and “Professional Community Courier.

Quarter 4, 2019