Meetings by Day

*PLEASE NOTE: There will be no in-person meetings at the starred events until further notice. The meetings at these locations will be held by video/tele-conference using Zoom. See the instructions at the link above for how to participate in these meetings.

Get the Zoom meeting scripts HERE.

++PLEASE NOTE: The Saturday and Wednesday meetings at Hatcher Memorial are now a phone meetings. The Saturday morning meeting also meets in person. Please check the Meetings by Area page for the details.


*Retreat Hospital, Richmond, 10:30 am

*Charlottesville Church of the Brethren, Charlottesville, 1:00 pm


*Skipwith UMC, Henrico, 11:30 am


*Skipwith UMC, Henrico, 11:30 am


*Skipwith UMC, Henrico, 11:30 am

St. Stephens Library, Richmond, 5:30 pm (In-Person)

*Charlottesville Church of the Brethren, Charlottesville,  7:00 pm


*Tomahawk Baptist, Midlothian, 11:30 am 

The Church of the Holy Comforter, 7:30 pm (In-person)


*Skipwith UMC, Henrico, 11:30 am


*England Run Library, Fredericksburg, 9:00 am

++Hatcher Memorial, Henrico, 10:00 am (In-Person)

*Charlottesville Church of the Bretheren, Charlottesville, 11:00 am