Central Virginia Intergroup Opportunity

Central Virginia Intergroup is the organization that meetings in our area support with our meeting contributions. Our intergroup has several officers and committee chairs who give service by organizing things our intergroup provides–a website, a phone line, an annual retreat, frequent special events focusing on different aspects of OA recovery, and a monthly newsletter. We also send a delegate to our regional organization (OA Region 7) and OA’s World Service Business Conference. We have a Public Information committee that gets information about OA out to people who don’t know about us, a secretary who takes and circulates the minutes of our monthly intergroup meetings, and a treasurer who manages the money taken in from the OA meetings in the Richmond/Charlottesville/Fredericksburg area and distributes it to cover our expenses (web hosting, phone line, retreat center, travel expenses for our delegate, etc.) We have a committee devoted to Fun & Fellowship that’s supposed to organize social events for our members. If you have an interest in serving in any of these areas, please let the Intergroup Chair, Catherine W., know. We can use multiple people on many committees. So, if you feel inclined to service, inquire.

Each meeting is supposed to have a representative who attends our monthly online intergroup meeting. Does your meeting have a representative? It takes only about an hour a month, and we always send out instructions about how to dial in to the monthly meeting, or to join it online via the Zoom app. If you need some help with the technology, we can provide you with that! Representatives bring the concerns of their meetings to Intergroup and take information back to their groups. It’s a wonderful service to give. Has your sponsor been prodding you to make a service commitment?

Catherine W. Central Virginia Intergroup Chair