Intergroup Board Meetings

Per the Bylaws change voted on at the October 3, 2021 meeting,  all Central Virginia Intergroup meetings will be held on the third Sunday of the month at 7PM on Zoom.   

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The scheduled meetings are as follows:

(Click on meeting date for agenda/minutes.)

Sunday January 16

Sunday December 19

Sunday November 21

Sunday October 3

Sunday September 5

Sunday August 1

Sunday June 6

Sunday May 2 WSBS Agenda

Sunday April 11WSBC Agenda Motions Votes

Sunday March 7

Sunday February 7WSBC Agenda Motions Summary

Sunday January 3, 2021

Sunday December 7

Sunday November 1

Sunday October 4

Sunday September 6

Sunday Aug 2

Sunday July 5

Sunday June 7

Sunday May 3

Sunday April 5

Sunday Mar 1

Sunday Feb 2

Sunday Jan 5,  2020

Zoom Login Instructions