Meeting Visit and Service Opportunities

I had the pleasure this morning of driving to Charlottesville for the Saturday 10 am meeting. It was a gorgeous day for a drive, so I passed a pleasant hour on the way. Nine people were at the meeting, including two folks I know from our online Intergroup meetings; the sponsee of one of those folks, who’d driven down from Maryland do do her fifth step; a nursing student, there to observe; and a woman attending her second OA meeting, though she described having had long experience in another 12 Step program in New York City.

It was a lovely meeting–we opened with a long version of the Set Aside Prayer, read two pages in Step 7 from the OA 12 & 12, and had some great sharing, closing with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer. And then had a nice chat after the meeting!

During announcements I told them a little about what Central Virginia Intergroup provides, thanks to the donations we receive from groups–a website, a newsletter, a weekly email update for those who want it. We do some public information work, we present 12th Step Within workshops, and we throw a great retreat–this year at Massanetta Springs, near Harrisonburg, September 27-29. Group donations have made it possible for us to offer low rates this year, as well as partial scholarships to members of our intergroup (contact the retreat chair–her name and number are on the retreat registration form, which you can get on And we pay for our region representative to attend two region assemblies a year, as well as the World Service Business Conference in New Mexico.

We’re looking for service help, too–we need a Fun & Fellowship chair to plan some social events for us, and we’ll be needing a new region representative this fall, when our current rep, Catherine W., rotates out of service. In fact, while we’re thinking ahead, several officer and committee chair positions will be open in August/September, so start thinking about those service opportunities now!

And you can certainly make sure that your group is represented at our monthly Intergroup meetings–online using Zoom on the first Sunday of the month. If that sounds too technical, we can help you to use Zoom or your phone to attend the meetings–it’s pretty simple!

Susie H., Intergroup chair