7th Tradition and Zoom

Dear Central Virginia Intergroup members (all those who attend OA meetings in Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and/or Richmond area) —

We, the board and the committee members of CVIG, hope that each member will make it a priority to continue their 7th Tradition donation for each zoom meeting he/she attends.

Many groups have depleted their treasuries to pay their rent in advance and will not have funds to pay their upcoming rent, purchase literature, or make donations to CVIG, Region 7, and World Service. 

Each member, group, IG, Region, and World have the primary purpose to carry the message to the still suffering compulsive overeater.  Without donations, we will not be able to support our primary purpose, nor support CVIG’s ongoing expenses for the good of all our groups.   (ex. website-$200, insurance-$500, zoom-$150, P. O. Box-$50)   Therefore, it is vital that we continue to receive your 7th Tradition contributions.

Here are some suggestions* for members and groups to make their donations:

1. Set aside envelopes for each zoom meeting you attend, marked with the day and time.  Insert a 3×5 card in each envelope, marking that card each time you attend that meeting; keeping track of those donations.  Then each zoom meeting could request a business meeting, and at that time, the treasurer would ask to have your checks sent to him/her.

2. Same as suggestion 1, but instead of a 3×5 card, you could put cash in each envelope each week for every zoom meeting you attend.

3. If you and the treasurer of the meeting both have PayPal, you could make your donations directly to the treasurer.  Those members without PayPal could send their donations to the meeting’s treasurer once a business meeting is held. 

*All suggestions are based on the zoom meetings establishing dates for business meetings; dates to be determined by each groups’ members. 

Please help us keep OA strong & vital…to continue to be there for one another and for the still suffering compulsive overeater who reaches out to us for help.